OK, so people seemed to like my blog called 25 Heinous Crimes of Radio News. So much so, it’s now an interactive training session. Contact me if you’d like 2ZY to work with your newsroom!

And here are another twelve, all of which I’ve heard on actual radio stations since Christmas.

1. Dubbed

Fine if referring to bad American TV commercials, or maybe Mexican soap operas. No-one else would ever ‘dub’ anything anything in real life.

2. Next …

See also ‘In other news,’ from the original blog. Totally redundant. Just get on with it.

3. Horrific rapes

Unless you’re Kenneth Clark, there really is no reason to describe rape. Particularly if your description suggests some rapes are better than others.

4. Hit the Headlines

I know. I really heard this.

5. .. is set to …

Never use language you wouldn’t use in your everyday life. Would you really tell your friends you’re ‘set to’ buy the next round? Or you’re ‘set to’ worm the dog? No.

6. Probe

A noun to describe something that lands on Mars, or something medically invasive. Not an investigation.

7. The Oscars of …


8. Hailed a hero 

You can only ever hail a cab.

9. The man was hung

No, unless you mean he had a large penis. I think you usually mean hanged.

10. The people were evacuated 

Ewww. The people were evacuated FROM the burning building, you just about get away with. Better, the burning building was evacuated.

11. Nationwide

I love Sue Lawley as much as the next man, but national is so much better.

12. Time will tell.

The boring way out of any news feature in which the resolution is inconclusive. Will this blog vastly improve the quality of radio news across the UK? Only time will tell.

Thanks to Emma Gilliam for additional grumpiness about the state of radio news writing. 


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