As well as running 2ZY, I’m Chair of the Manchester radio station, Gaydio.

It’s a community station – but we tend not to shout about that on the air. It’s our view that community information, social gain, and the sheer ‘out-ness’ of our sound and tone should shine through the output, without any need to reinforce those credentials in a clumsy or manufactured fashion.

I’m proud of everything our volunteers and four staff achieve, on the air and through the LGBT projects we deliver across Greater Manchester – but I thought one recent achievement in particular deserved a wider audience.

Gaydio’s Emma Goswell and Chris Holliday with Ellis at a Manchester Pride OB

Your Story is a Heritage Lottery Fund project. Gaydio’s Chris Holliday trained a small army of volunteers to interview a cross-section of LGBT people from across Manchester. These stories have been used in a number of ways – exhibitions, forthcoming web content, a pod walk – and this weekend, formed an hour-long history of LGBT Manchester.

2ZY cut and mixed the documentary pro bono for Gaydio, and you can hear the result here:

The Guardian’s Elisabeth Mahoney gave it a rave review here: .

The debate about what community radio should and shouldn’t be goes on, particularly in those areas whose own local stations are becoming less and less local. There are those who believe the correct mix is more community than radio. (And I hear other stations that sound like old-school 107.something style ILR done on the cheap. But that’s another blog for another day.)

I guess my personal view is that community activity and social gain, centred on audio, could be done much more cheaply and efficiently without those pesky transmitters and web-streams.

Surely the presence of those, and the consequent availability of a local FM and a worldwide Radioplayer audience, means we have a duty to ensure that what comes out of the speaker should be so much more than a by-product of the community work?

Anyway. Hope you like the doc.

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