Why does every radio station obsess about the proximity of the weekend?

“Not long until the weekend,” I heard today. The other Thursday evening, a presenter told me this was the “official start of the weekend,” which was both hyperbolic and incorrect. On a Monday afternoon show recently, someone told me “only two hours to go and we’re one workday closer to the weekend.”

It started with the false invention of ‘Humpday’. Has anyone you know in real life ever used that word? A quick look at Wikipedia suggests “the earliest ancient sources record a seven-day week in ancient Babylon prior to 600 BC.” That means we’ve had roughly 135,928 Wednesdays since the calendar was invented and it’s served us pretty well.

Look, I love Saturdays and Sundays as much as anyone. But I also think there’s joy to be found in the other five days of the week.

Suggesting otherwise ignores (1) ┬áthe large numbers of people who work at the weekend too (2) all those people who actually enjoy what they do for a living and (3) the fact that there’s a good third of each weekday that’s your own time (depending on how much of a night owl you are).

Whilst it’s depressingly predictable and safe to zig while everyone else zigs, how about zagging on this occasion? Let’s start encouraging our audience to cherish every moment of their lives. Not just the ones at the end of the week.

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